Monitor People & Machines

Keep an eye on the people staying at a nursing home for their health and safety or monitor the wear & tear of large machines on an assembly line.

Provide Better Security Systems

Provide security systems that are pro-active and identify persons of interest. Our systems can even find and identify items like firearms and controlled devices for secure facilities.

Aid In Search & Rescue

See through a burning building or rubble/debris and locate individuals who need rescuing or keep an eye on your fellow team members in the harshest of environments.

Wherever you need us the most

Our patented technology utilizes the frequencies emitted by other devices such as Wifi routers, cellphones, and computers to illuminate, 3D map, and monitor areas. This process allows us to extract and determine critical information that's applicable in many different fields.

In this example you can see the RF emissions from a wifi router in 2D. Our technology captures these emissions and others like them. RF emissions are given off by any technology that uses electricity.
To illustrate the unique properties of this technology, we're going to use the image above as an example. To the naked eye or standard security camera this is what is seen.
Our technology is able to see beyond the normal perceptions of man and lenses. First it captures the RF emissions and identifies the source. It's even able to determine specifics details about them. Like this is a 110 volt electrical source or this is a cell phone.
Then our system uses a sophisticated AI to 3D map the environment based on how the RF emissions interact with their surroundings. We can even identify devices and their owners. Imagine being able to identify someone who's broken into a home by the cell phone they had in their pocket or being able to monitor a secured environment like a lab or nursing home without the hassle of a large security team.

Monitor & Security Systems

Do more than you've ever been able to before with custom solutions that are easy to install.

Our patented approach

We do things differently compared to the traditional approach of security systems in order to provide superior functionality and capabilities.

  1. Captures the RF emissions from any source or device
  2. Identifies the RF sources
  3. Illuminates and 3D maps the environment based on how the RF emissions interact with their surroundings

Benefits of Hawk-Eye

Imagine being able to identify a burglar by the phone they carried or monitoring individuals coming into a secure facility for controlled devices.

  1. Determines and displays details of the RF sources
  2. Identifies devices and their owners
  3. Sends alerts when items like firearms are identified
  4. Monitors secured environments & assets
  5. Identifies & tracks individuals and their movements
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Limited time pricing to innovate with us

There are so many applications for our patented technology and we are just getting started. We'd love to work with you to develop solutions that meet your specific needs. That's why we are offering special deals and pricing for a limited time to companies that partner with us now. This won't last forever so claim your spot soon!

Search & Rescue

Similar to a VR experience but built into the equipment of search & rescue specialists to provide a visual HUD system

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Monitor & Security Systems

A combination of hardware, software, and AI integration to deliver the next generation of monitor & security systems

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