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We work closely with our customers and clients to spec systems that meet or exceed their expectations.


Systems Development

Develop and produce full-service solutions specializing in passive radar and autonomous perceptions systems.


 Platform Integration

Integrate our patent pending NED passive radar system, and perception systems into new or existing OEM platforms.


Autonomy Development

Develop autonomy through advanced algorithms and machine learning, by collecting and processing sensor data.


Xadite Perceptions designs and delivers engineering services and solutions to more acutely integrate technology and communications for advancing insights and reliability.

Our solutions leverage our passion and expertise in sensors, artificial intelligence, ultra-lightweight components, firmware, and/or radio frequency engineering.

Engineering Services

✓ Design & Delivery
✓ Sensors & AIoT
✓ Artificial Intelligence
✓ Hardware, Firmware, & Integration
✓ Wireless Communications
✓ Ultralight Antennae, Arrays, & Subsystems
✓ Microwave & Millimeter Wave
✓ Prototyping & Development
✓ Small Batch PCB
✓ Model Development & Training for AI

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Passive Radar

✓ Design, Delivery, & Support
✓ Ground Based or Vehicle Mounted
✓ Subsystem Integration
✓ Configurable for mission parameters
✓ Hardware, Firmware, and Software
✓ Trained for Broad or Targeted Identification
✓ Identify Distance, Speed, and Elevation
✓ Perimeter Monitoring & Security
✓ UAV/Drone Detection
✓ Signal processing, analysis, and AI

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Primary Applications

Communications & Radar

  • Intelligent Radar Systems (Active and Passive)
  • Low power IoT and AIoT Solutions
  • AI powered Signals Intelligence
  • AI controlled wireless communications
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  • Passive Radar Solution to Automotive Radar Interference Problem
  • Intelligent battery cell analysis for failure mode prevention
  • Sensor Fusion Solutions
  • Robust communication Solutions


  • Electrical grid partial discharge and arc detection for predictive maintenance
  • Substation component sensor fusion Solutions for remote monitoring
  • Smart components with failure mode detection capabilities
  • Oil and Gas analyzing systems for predictive maintenance


  • Motor characterization and analysis for fault detection
  • Industrial product defect detection and analysis
  • AI driven sensor fusion for industrial automation
  • IoT and AIoT solutions for industrial automation


  • Drone Optical and IR spectroscopy for environmental analysis
  • Intelligent water quality analysis for improved monitoring and forecasting
  • Intelligent gas, and smoke analysis
  • Next gen intelligent weather forecasting


  • Intelligent Portable Robotic systems
  • Genuine sensor, and component authentication
  • Medical sensor and image analysis for feature extraction
  • Advanced human-computer interfacing



Engineering Services

Artificial Intelligence Development

Passive Radar



Computing R&D

Cat Girl

"It started with electromagnetic simulations, which was insightful into how electromagnetic waves propagate and interact with the environment from a theoretical point of view. Naturally, I then wanted to experience electromagnetics in the form of sound, I wanted to hear WiFi and how devices talk. I made a wearable passive radar system tuned for Wifi, and I could locate devices using my regular sense of sound. I then began recognizing patterns in how devices were communicating and noticed that not only could I identify devices, but that different brands of phones, and even individual apps have a distinct pattern in their sound, a result from systematic computer code executing the same sequence of events over and over. After that, I gradually formed a team and we began developing an autonomous passive radar that could locate and identify sources automatically. It’s been exciting to engage with clients and customers solving problems in this field, and I can see the applications for our services and products continue to expand. It’s been both exciting and humbling, and I’m honored to have such a talented team and collaborative clients."

Nathan Hawk

CEO/CTO and Founder
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