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What is Xadite?

Xadite is a company built with passion by its employees. We offer R&D and engineering services with our primary focus being passive radar, advanced sensing solutions and quantum computing. 

Are your products custom to order?

Yes, our customers usually come to us with their technology projects. We evaluate the technology and come up with a pathway to the solution that will meet their needs. As the project is reaching completion, we start testing in the lab and later in the field. We offer in house PCB manufacturing, assembly and testing services and will support all the products we produce through end of life. 

What does the NED Passive Radar system do?

The NED Passive Radar system locates and identifies sources of RF energy. Our passive radar systems are designed with customer feedback throughout the development process, so that they meet customer expectations for use in real scenarios.

What are some applications of the NED Passive Radar?

Some common applications include detecting drones, automotive radar emissions, cell phones, wifi and bluetooth devices. Reach out to us if you are interested in a passive radar solution in your field. 

Can you tell us more about your Quantum R&D?

Yes, we have come up with a practical quantum qubit that has the potential to  enable room temperature quantum computing. The architecture has a ways to go, but we are searching for potential partners and customers who are interested in collaborating, to stimulate advancement in this area. Our goal is to get this technology developed, and in personal computers within our lifetime. If you share a similar passion, let's connect. 

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