Perception Engineering

 Streamline sensing with robust Bluetooth and 5G communication solutions.

 Replace raw data with actionable, real-time perceptions


Artificial Intelligence of Things

Automate Data collection

The data acquisition system is specified based on computational and product requirements. An example system could include desired sensors, RF or analog front end design, Microprocessor with bluetooth or cellular capabilities, and finally a phone or web app for visualizing the resulting data.

AI-driven data processing

RF front end and Analog front end condition raw sensor signals in real time. This greatly reduces the computational load on the microprocessor, so that it can house the AI and perform dynamic signal processing tasks.

Simplify & Streamline

By performing these computations on the edge, and by using RF, analog and digital processing stages to delegate signal processing tasks appropriately, actionable real time perceptions can be conveyed to the cloud and user interface in a cost effective and field deployable solution.

Compatible sensor technologies.

RF, microwave and millimeter wave sensing and imaging

Acoustic Sensing & Imaging

Vibration Sensing

Ultrasonic Sensing & Imaging

Optical, IR Sensing & Imaging

Environmental Sensing

Current & Voltage Sensing

Medical Imaging

Chemical Sensing

Quantum Sensing

Solution 1

Visualize wireless signals in the environment.

Our patented NED passive radar systems are tailored to meet your specifications. We are leading the forefront of Passive radar technology, and we work closely with our customers and clients to spec systems that meet or exceed their expectations.

Solution 2

Your wireless communication problems solved.

We custom build perception systems for any application and can integrate Bluetooth, cellular, or other wireless communication solution into already existing products.

Solution 3

Enabling the next era of computing with room temperature quantum computing.

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