Our Capabilities

Xadite Perceptions designs and delivers engineering services and solutions to more acutely integrate technology and communications for advancing insights and reliability.  Our solutions generally leverage our passion and expertise in sensors, artificial intelligence, ultra-lightweight components, firmware, and/or radio frequency engineering.


Wearable NED Passive Radar.
RF Engineering
  • Antenna design
  • RF Filter Design
  • RF detector design
  • RF PCB Design  
Electrical Engineering
  • Integrating Bluetooth, cellular, or other wireless communication solution into existing products
  • Analog front-end design and analog signal processing to condition and strengthen raw sensor signals. 
Mechanical Engineering
  • Designing plastic cases and lightweight mounting brackets for sensors
Software Development
  • Developing smartphone apps to communicate with IOT circuit boards, receive and visualize sensor data, in addition to sending commands to the IOT device.
  • Developing web applications for visualizing sensor data
  • Developing cloud databases for sensor data
Firmware Development
  • Developing firmware for Bluetooth, cellular, and other wireless communication modules
  • Develop and deploy AI models on MCU
  • Develop and deploy signal processing algorithms on MCU
Artificial Intelligence/
Algorithm Development
  • AI Software Development
  • AI Firmware Development 
In-House Manufacturing,
Assembly, and Test 
  • Pick and place machine in-house for low volume production runs of client circuit boards (100 boards/month)
Field Testing
  • After the resulting system is complete, we can set up hardware and software scenarios to calibrate, test, and train the system.
QA and Product Support
  • We support all of the products we produce through end of life.


  • Ultra-lightweight and high-performance RF, MW, mmWave Components (filters, detectors, antennas, antenna arrays)

Lab Facilities

  • Semi-anechoic antenna test range
  • RF Chamber offering 100dB of isolation for device RF signature characterization and gathering, and high voltage experiments
  • Neoden 4 Pick and Place Machine
  • PCB Plotter for rapid prototyping
  • FDM 3D printing (Nylon, PETG)
  • Laser cutter/engraver
  • In-house, offline high-performance computing resources for AI training ( 192 + Intel Xeon cores, 8 TB Ram collectively)
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